If you open many pages of Money Mail or similar you will see statements suggesting that as a nation we should be spending less and saving more. It is difficult for many peop-le to save because of their day to day needs, high mortgage payents, student debt, cost of children and higher education.

However, it is a good discipline to try to save even a sall percentage of your earnings. First you need to sit down and work out what income is comig into the house and how much you are spending If you go on the moneymade clear website http://www.moneymadeclear.org.uk/ you will find some helpful calculators. When you look at what you spend you may find that you can cut out say just one item which would give you a small amount to save each month aving even £6 amonth can help.

If you have money to save you then have to consider what type of scheme is most suitable, You need to ask yourself a number of questions

May you need access to this money – if the answer is yes, then you most probably need a Bank or Building Society account with easy access

Can I tie up my money? if this is the case you may be able to get a better rate because you are able to leave your money invested

Do I want to achieve a tax saving – in this case a cash ISA may be appropriate

Can I tie money up for a long period, in this case a pension scheme may be appropriate particularly if your employer is making a contribution.

It is impossible to give advice without knowing your background. At Nicholls Stevens we are prepared to give you simple advice, we do not want to sell you a product. At a short meeting you will explain your background and attitude to risk and the advice will most probably cost only £50. If it will cost more we will let you know before we give it.