Employee Benefit Policies

For many years Nicholls Stevens have been advising employers on benefits for employees. Frequently a benefit can be provided at lost cost to the employer but which is a huge benefit to the employee. Group Life assurance is a good example of this. These schemes cost very little per head but the employee gets the instant advantage of life cover of a multiple of his salary free of charge and frequently without the need to fill out any forms and reveal any medical conditions

Nicholls Stevens advice is given on a fee basis. We will normally review the needs of the business and any existing schemes which are in place. We are mindful of the financial restraints which are placed on those running businesses. So, our advice is geared to recommendations which will give benefit to the employee without a huge outlay to the employer

Nicholls Stevens will advise Finance Directors on

  • establishing¬† and administration of Group Life Schemes
  • establishing and administering Group income protection policies
  • establishing and administering Group health insurance schemes including dental plans
  • establishing and establishing workplace pension schemes
  • operating workplace financial advice
  • operating workplace pre-redundancy or pre-retirement counselling
  • establishing employee share schemes