Our Service

hereWe provide a financial planning service, we do not sell products. As a result of preparing a financial plan for our clients there may be a need for a product but this is not the aim of the service.

Everyone, regardless of age, should have a financial plan. Many of us have a career plan, but few of us have a financial plan.

If you are a young person, you will need to learn how to manage your money, not build up too much debt, and at the same time save for times when you may not be able to work through – say redundancy or illness.

For the older client, lifelong financial forecasting is equally important as it helps clients on their way into their 80s and 90s feel confident to, perhaps, give away capital or to know that the cost of their long term care needs are covered.

A general introduction to our business and personnel can be found here

Our service falls into four phases which are detailed here in our explanation of fees.

Additional Services


If you look at our corporate section of this website you will see that we work closely with employers to set up and administer employee benefit schemes and offer workplace financial advice.

A Service for Older Clients

We run two specialist services: money care and asset care. These services help our older clients deal with their day to day finances.

We have access to a will writing service and can can make arrangements to draw up a Power of Attorney for finance and/or health and welfare.

We offer a tax return service – this is simply an administration service – please note we are NOT a firm of chartered or certified Accountants.