Nicholls Stevens Financial Services care for the financial needs of their clients, both corporate and personal, by applying the highest level of skill and expertise to the advice and service it gives regardless of the client’s wealth.

Personal Financial Services

Financial Advice doesn’t have to cost a fortune

Corporate advice

Corporate Financial Advice

Nicholls Stevens specialises in designing benefit packages for small and medium sized companies

retirement planning

Retirement Advice

Retirement planning is not just for the old – you should start yours as early as possible

New Model Adviser Top 100 – 2015

New Model Adviser Top 100 – 2015

We are excited to announce that, yet again Carole Nicholls has been placed in the top 100 Advisers in the country by New Model Adviser magazine.


Money Management Inheritance Tax Planner Award 2013

In the Money Management Financial Planner Awards 2013, Carole beat the competition to win Inheritance Tax Planner of the Year 2013.


Money Management Options in Retirement Planner Award 2010

Carole Nicholls won the Money Management Options in Retirement Planner Award 2010.


Money Management Cautious Investment Award 2010

Carole Nicholls won the Money Management Cautious Investment Award 2010

What happens if my savings are threatened?

In the articles this year I have looked at a financial plan for a young person starting work through to mid life. In mid-life the best laid life plans may be upset by divorce and with divorce goes an upset in financial plans. The idea for this article came from...

Mid-life savings crisis

By the time you reach your mid years your savings plans should be well established. You will have no doubt dipped into your emergency plan money and also the “Adventure” money but hopefully there are still funds in all three sections of the plan. Now is the time for a...

The lean years – getting help

As the years go by most of us take on more responsibility and liabilities, perhaps we buy a house and take on a mortgage, we have a partner and maybe children. In order for the financial plan to work you have to keep saving and there may now be moments when it looks...

Moving on

In the article last month I looked at a young person starting work. However, as we know our work pattern is flexible and the plan has to be able to stand up to “moving on” First, we will look at the question of saving into a pension plan. Every job you join now will...


In the articles this year I have been looking at the retirement scene in the future and as you will have gathered I think that the golden age has come and gone and that in future we will all work a lot longer and retirement will be a period when we cannot work because...

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