Corporate Services


At Nicholls Stevens we have been working with employers for many years, helping them to set up pension schemes and to comply with the often complex pension’s legislation.

We understand that employers are busy people and therefore our solutions are easy to operate and understand.

If you are providing your employees with a good benefits package which includes access to a pension arrangement, it is important that this is communicated effectively to your employees and we help our clients to do this.

The Service


  • A meeting is arranged to discuss the needs of the employer and employees
  • Preparation of a recommendation of a type of scheme which meets the needs of both you and your staff
  • A meeting with the staff to communicate the scheme
  • A surgery is available to staff to discuss individual circumstances
  • Completion of all documentation to put the scheme into effect

Review Service

  • An annual review meeting with you, the employer
  • An annual surgery to answer employee queries


  • £100 per employee.
  • Minimum fee £400 to set up a scheme of any type, including a NEST scheme

This fee does not cover the cost for investment advice which will be charged at 1% of funds and deducted from any scheme.

If your requirements are more complex we will quote a separate charge before any work is carried out.