All of us Protect our car, our home and house contents against damage and loss yet many of us do not protect our families in the event that the main breadwinner dies or is unable to work through long term sickness

If you have a young family, you should be asking the following quetions

  • Would my family survive financially if I  or my partner were to die prematurely?
  • Would my family survive financially if I or my  partner were to be unable to work due to long term sickness?
  • Would I  be able to afford help to cope with the family responsibilities if my partner were to die or to be unable to work through long term sickness?

You can protect your family by taking out a cheap form of life assurance called term assurance. Income protection insurance will provide an income for your family should you be unable to work through long term sickness.Nicholls Stevens can advise you on the right type of cover to meet your needs. If you are not in first class health it may still be possible to obtain cover and we will help you to select the right Insurance Company and deal with the medical underwriting. You may have to pay more thn the normal premium but we will aim to obtain acceptable terms for you.

In the case of life assurance, at Nicholls Stevens we will advise you on how to make the policy the subject of a trust so that the benefits can pass quickly to your beneficiaries on your death and avoid the payment of Inheritance Tax. We will also give you advice on how to choose an appropriate person to act as a Trustee for such a policy