Many people fail to plan for the most important period of their life – their older years.

At school we are encouraged to research and prepare for our chosen career. During our working lives we frequently engage in a period of study in order that we can secure a better-paid or more interesting job, but what about planning for our older years? On the whole we ignore this until we reach our early 50s and then we realise, rather late in the day, that we have a haphazard collection of investments and pension plans and no particular focus of what we want out of retirement or, indeed, how we will fund it.

This workbook aims to help the reader put together a plan for retirement. It will take a little effort by the reader but the book gives plenty of practical suggestions.

The process is rather like completing a jigsaw puzzle. You probably already have most of the pieces of the jigsaw; you just need a little help in putting it all together.

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