The Government have now released more details on the Bonds which will be available to those over
65. We know that these Bonds will be available in January but the exact date is still unknown and
 One Year Bond pays interest of 2.8% gross
 Three year Bond pays interest of 4% gross
 Interest is paid out at the maturity of the bond
 Minimum investment £500
 Maximum investment £10,000 per person per Bond
 Applications can be made by post or telephone.
The interest rates are attractive. However you must remember that the interest is not paid until the
maturity of the Bond and is subject to tax. Therefore the Bonds are not suitable for an investor
It is likely that there will be huge demand for these bonds so we recommend that clients prepare in
advance and have the cash available to transfer quickly. So if you need to give notice on accounts to
release capital you should be doing this as quickly as possible