Over many years I have rarely recommended a client to take out critical illness cover because I was always acutely aware of the “small print” which suggested that unless you had the “correct type of heart attack” the policy would not pay out. I would not have liked my clients to think they had cover which was not forthcoming.

In most cases I believe and still believe that Income Protection cover provides a much more satisfactory benefit by providing a known and guaranteed income to those who have a long term sickness, possibly up until retirement date.

However, recently I have become aware of a very good reason why clients should consider a policy for a small amount of benefit to be paid out on the diagnosis of a critical illness. The reason is that it is becoming more and more apparent that the NHS cannot afford to provide patients with costly drugs or treatment which may prolong their lives for a few months or years. If patients are to be permitted to purchase such drugs or treatment, without losing other NHS benefits, then a policy which would provide a lump sum at this time of need could be extremely helpful.