This sounds such an appealing idea, for many of us getting our hands on a large amount of money
may be life changing but then what? If you spend your pension fund what are you going to live on as
you get older? Or if you draw down the fund have you considered the charges and the tax
implications. Making the right decision at retirement has never been easy and the changes in the
rules just add another layer of complexity. Each person and their circumstances are different, it is no good following the path taken by your
friend or neighbour, their circumstances may be totally different to yours. At Nicholls Stevens we
have been advising clients on their options at retirement age for over 25 years and most of the
people who sought our advice are enjoying a financially secure retirement and are still our clients.
If you are approaching retirement and need advice from a pensions’ expert please ring or e mail us
to make an appointment. The initial meeting costs £50.00 and we will then tell you of any further
costs which will be incurred if you take our advice.