Saving into Stocks and Shares ISA

For clients accumulating wealth for retirement making sure that they use their annual stocksand shares ISA allowance is essential, solong as their attitude to risk allows this.  If a husband and wife build up such a portfolio it should be possible that in retirement all income and growth is coming from a large fund which only suffers the 10% retaining tax on dividends.

An investment into a stocks and shares ISA each tax year makes sense for any client wishing to have an exposure to the equity market most probably through collective investments such as OEICS or Investment Trusts

If you are interested in a regular savings plan you can save up to £850 per month

Monthly savings into equity based investments results in pound cost averaging which should give a long term advantage as the client acquires units at cheaper prices at times of a volatile stock market.

There is no fixed period for saving in stocks and shares ISAs so many clients save into ISAS alongside pension savings because this adds some flexibility to the retirement plan

Many clients are concerned about the cost of savings into Stocks and Shares ISAS If you pick a passive route, such as one or more index tracker fund or similar exchange traded fund (ETF) , the costs can be kept to a mibnimum.

Nicholls Stevens insure that all their clients make maximum use of the ISA allownce each year. If they hold investments on a platform such as Co-funds, Transact or Fidelity Funds network existing collectives can be transferred into an ISA wrapper at low cost