National Savings & Investments (NS&I)


Carole Nicholls the Principal of Nicholls Stevens won the money management award in 2010 as Cautious Ivestment Planner of the year (award sponsored by NS&I)

‘As Nicholls Steves work with many cuatious clients, particularly those already in retirement, we are well aware of the importance of including NS& I products within a portfolio. In many instances, the tax free nature of the certificates and premium bonds makes these investments very suitable for higher rate taxpayers

 NS&I offer a range of investments which are backed by the Government and therefore you can safely invest more than £85,000 (the limit for the financial Services Compensation Scheme). The plans vary from time to time but are all low risk.

The schemes which are most frequently available are:

  • National Savings Certificates – fixed rate and index linked – tax free return
  • Premium Bonds – tax free winnings
  • Income Bond – variable income paid monthly without deduction of tax
  • Investment Account – very good for children because it pays a reasonable amount of interest even for a small investment
    Children’s Bonus Bond – tax free savings for children
  • Cash ISA

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