Pension Consolidation

For over 25 years Nicholls Stevens have been helping clients prepare for retirement and part of this exercise is frequently to review and consolidate existing pension arrangements

Over the years many people have collected a large number of disparate pension policies such as:

  • Retirement Annuities
  • Buy Out Policies
  • Final Salary/Defined Benefits Schemes
  • Company pensions
  • Defined contribution/money purchase schemes
  • Stakeholder policies
  • Personal Pensions
  • AVC
  • Free Standing AVC

We believe it is important to review the plans and to:

  • Understand the charges you are paying
  • Understand the funds in which you are investing
  • Understand the risk you are taking

Decide on how much income you want to achieve in retirement , then:

  • Work our how much risk you want to take
  • Work out an asset allocation
  • Keep the performance under review

Keep the target income under regular review, if you becme a client of Nicholls Stevens we will recommend reviewing your pension planning on an annual basis or more frequently if you are close to retirement. If you discover you are not hitting your target you may need to change the target or save more.

You may find it interesting to read Carole Nicholls sorkbook – the Pensions Jigsaw which helps you to understand about the consolidation of pension schemes and the preparation for retirement.