Private Medical Insurance

The cost of private medical insurance can be high. So, it is important to consult an adviser who understands the products available. There is huge choice, you can pay a high premium for a policy which will pay for in patient and out patient care in the top rated hospitals. However, by restricting the width of the cover or accepting an excess payment, the premiums can be reduced. Nicholls Stevens can help you select the type of plan which is suitable for you and your family

As you grow older the cost of cover becomes more expensive even if you have not claimed. At some point it may be worthwhile thinking about self insurance – Nicholls Stevens can help you make these decisions

What is it?

This policy pays for the cost of private medical care for acute medical conditions

Who needs it?

Anyone for whom absence for work for a protracted period may result in los of earnings

Points to watch out for:

  • The level of cover you have purchased, you need to decide whether you want the Rolls Royce or a basic policy
  • It is sometimes possible to pay les and have a higher excess
  • You need to understand that even if you do not claim, your premium is likely to go up every year based on the claims history of the scheme as a whole
  • You need to understand that when you are aged over 65 the premiums increases substantially