Money Care

From time to time our clients need help in planning for later life. Due to poor health, the client may need more help in the garden and around the house. At the same time the client may find that handling his or her fnances becomes difficult. Paying bills and keeping an eye on the changing interest rates can become a burden.

Nicholls Stevens offer two services which are designed to assist at this particular time. Our money care service works as follows:

Money Care is a service to provide help for those who are finding it difficult to manage their day to day finances. The service works as follows

Initial meeting

At an ainitial meeting we go though the clients bank statements and estabish all income and expenditure.

If possible we will set up a new bank account in the name of the client (we have no signing rights) into which allincome is paid.

We then arrange for direct debits to be set up to pay all bills and these debits come out of this account

Finall we arrnage for one debit to be paid to the clients own bank account each month, this is spending money because all the household bills have been dealt with