Financial Fitness

Financial fitness, our online service to keep your finances in shape

The reason that your finances are most probably in a mess is because you put the matter to one side, you constantly tell yourself that you have more important matters to deal with. So your finances have a low priority and when you hit a rocky patch in your life you find that financially you are not prepared.

There is nothing very difficult about setting up a financial plan and keeping it under review. It is in fact the people who keep their investments, protection policies and pension schemes under review who will achieve their goals rather than those who follow trends and then fail to review their decisions.

How Financial Fitness works

If you want to lose weight you may follow a plan such as that used by Weightwatchers. Financial Fitness works in a similar way. It is an internet based service which allows you to set up your own financial plan for your life and to  set yourself  financial targets which are regularly reviewed.

We appreciate that keeping to your plan may be difficult so we offer helpful hints when you hit a financial crisis, such as redundancy, illness a death in the family.

You will need up to date information to keep your plan as viable as possible so we will send you end of tax year tips and hints on how to review the performance of your investments

Keeping physically or financially fit can be a lonely business so the scheme offers 30 minutes  e mail advice per year.