GR Lane Health Products Limited Pension Scheme

Statement of Investment Principles

Below you will find a link to the GR Lane Health Products Limited Pension Scheme’s Statement of Investment Principles.

What is a Statement of Investment Principles?

A Statement of Investment principles is a statement governing decisions regarding the investments of a pension scheme.

What information does the Statement contain?

The Statement outlines the trustees’ policies regarding:

  • the kinds of investments to be held by the scheme;
  • the balance between different kinds of investments;
  • risks and how these are assessed and managed;
  • expected level of return on investments;
  • the extent to which the trustees take into account social, environmental and ethical factors in selecting, retaining and realising investments.

Who is responsible for the Statement of Investment Principles?

The Trustees of the GR Lane Health Products Limited Pension Scheme must prepare, maintain and periodically revise the Statement. Before preparing or revising the Statement, trustees need to obtain and consider written investment advice and consult the sponsoring employer of the scheme. A review of the statement must take place at least every three years and without delay after any significant change in investment policy.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Nicholls Stevens, the administrators for the scheme.  Their contact details are as follows:

Carole Nicholls

9 St Augustine’s Parade



Tel: 0117 9290456


You can contact Nicholls Stevens using the enquiry form below:

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