Unit Trusts


For many clients investing directly into the stock market is too risky. We normally advise clients to invest via a collective investment, this can be a Unit Trust and OEIC or an Investment Trust. At Nicholls Stevens we have had experience of investing in collectiv investments for over 20 years. We are able to advise clients on the selection of all types of collective investments to form part of their portfolio

A unit trust is an open ended collective investment . The fund is valued once a day and the manager quotes a price which directly relates to the value of the fund. There are two prices, a buying price (the offer) and the selling price (the bid) . The manager of such an investment must buy back units from his investors and can create additional units in time of high demand.

The investor can invest in a trust which suits his attitude to risk, pays income(or not) and invests in an economy or market sector that is required.

Most investment houses have converted the structure of the collective funds they offer and now offer them as OEICS. This is because the charging structure of an OEIC is more transparent.