Investment Platform

In the past investment was relatively simple, if you wanted to invest in an M & G unit trust you purchased this directly and later you may have sold this and purchased a holding in say, Inveso or Newwton. Now you have more choice. If you are purchasing a collective investment such as an OEIC or investment trust, you may be able to buy at a discounted up front charge if you purchase this via a Platform or Wrap.

A Platform or Wrap is an administration vehicle and allows you to hold all your investments in one place and switch between funds easily and at low cost. It also enables the client to go on line and see their portfolio easily

Examples of providers of Platforms/Wraps are Fidelity Funds network. Co-funds, Hargreaves Lansdown and Alliance Trust.

Nicholls Stevens invest for most clients using a wrap or platform because it leads to simplified administration. We use different Providers depending on the size of the investment and the client needs. In many cases it is possible to re-register units on to a Wrap or Platform at low cost