Ethical Investments

At Nicholls Stevens we are aware that clients investment objectives are not solely for economic gain. Some clients are concerned about the investments to be made in their name.

We will discuss this matter with the client and   decide which activities you are concerned about, and whether you want to avoid or support certain company activities. There are a number of issues of concern which are regularly expressed. Clients do not  want their money invested in:

  • Companies operating in oppressive regimes
  • Companies breaking environmental regulations
  • Companies testing products on animals
  • Companies manufacturing weapons
  • Companies developing genetically modified crops
  • Companies manufacturing tobacco products

Other clients are interested in investing in companies who are making a positive contribution to improving the environment through renewable/alternative energy. Carbon offsetting and waste management for example.

 If you are investing in a collective investment it is very difficult to ascertain the shareholdings of a fund on a daily basis and for these clients it is advisable that socially responsible investment is undertaken. There are currently around 90 green and ethical funds available – we can help you make that choice.

Nicholls Stevens can undertake research both for positive and negative screening to ascertain that the funds chosen for a client’s portfolio fits his or her ethical needs. This service extends to pension funds, direct collectives and stocks and shares ISAS