Workplace Financial Workshops

EmployeesThe level of financial literacy in the UK is very low. Many employees are concerned about debt and budgeting. They find it difficult to have time off work to obtain advice and in many cases they are unable to afford this.  At Nicholls Stevens we believe passionately in the importance of clear communication on financial matters and helping members of schemes to understand their benefits and their other financial needs.

Nicholls Stevens run workplace financial workshops. This is obviously an employee benefit funded by the employer. These workshops can be for company’s where  we already run the pension scheme or not. We have found that we offer a useful service because many employee benefit organisations are not authorised to give investment advice. In this case we are happy to run the surgeries and your normal advisers will continue to run any benefit packages. We would quote a fee to the employer for carrying out the workshops usually based on the time which would be allotted for the workshops

Traditionally, we would arrange say half a day to go into a particular factory or office, this would be advertised in advance and anyone seeking advice would be asked to make an appointment and to insure that they brought with them any relevant information so that advice could be given. In most cases the questions and queries are of a generic kind and can be dealt with quickly. If the situation is more complex we may need to revisit to carry out a full review of the member’s finances.

Additional services

We offer a financial review service for key employees/Directors – in this case the employer will pay us to carry out a full financial review of the Directors financial affairs and put forward a financial plan based on her or his attitude to risk and tax position. Annual review meetings will most probably follow

Retirement planning – we offer individual surgeries for members of schemes or global presentations which include advice on other investments, state benefits etc.