Benefit Administration


At Nicholls Stevens we have been working with employers for many years, helping them to set up pension schemes and to comply with the often complex pension’s legislation.

We understand that the pension and benefit requirements for Executives may be more complicated than for other employees. Executives have often acquired a number of schemes during their career and frequently need advice onwhether these should be integrated or retained. We can also advise and administer  the benefit package you offer your employees

As part of your benefit package to your Executives you can offer them access to our Pension Care Service.

The Service


A meeting is arranged with the Executive to discuss his existing pension arrangements and financial goals

We will prepare recommendationsto meet the Executive’s existing and future pension planning needs, this is likely to include assistance with asset allocation and investment decisions and even a lifelong financial forecast

Review Service

An annual review meeting with the Executive to review investment decisions, monitor investment performance and revisit retirement goals


                £350 per employee per annum

This fee does not cover the cost for investment advice which will be charged at 1% of funds and deducted from any scheme

If the  requirements are more complex we will quote a separate charge before any work is carried out