AVC Pensions

Are you one of those people who made additional contributions to your pension scheme in order to augment benefits, or maybe you are considering starting these extra contributions

You most probably know that one of the advantages of saving in this way is that you will receive tax relief on your contributions. It is also an easy way of saving because your employer deducts the contributions directly from your salary – so simple

However, like most things which seem simple on first glance, they are in reality somewhat more complicated and that is where we at Nicholls Stevens can help. Now, many pension schemes no longer offer an AVC benefit, so you need to consider other ways of augmenting your retirement savings.  There is a lot to think about and we can guide you, for example, do you know how much risk you want to take with your money and do you understand the risk associated with the funds you are being offered.

We can also help you sort out if a scheme is good value for money.  We are happy to review your existing schemes, some schemes have very heavy charges and you need expert advice if you decide to move your money. You do not want to leap out of the frying pan into the fire

In the past there were few options if you wanted to make these additional contributions .Now that it is possible to be a member of a personal pension and an occupational scheme at the same time, the need to add additional contributions to your current pension scheme has reduced and the personal pension has taken over as a more flexible vehicle for some clients. In some cases saving via an ISA or LISA may be a preferred route. A full analysis of your long term needs and attitude to risk needs to be undertaken if you are to find the right solution for you and your planning.