Business Owner Insurance

If you are a business owner, you are usually too busy running your business to think about how insecure your financial situation may be

Let us look at a few situations

  1. What would happen if you were unable to work because you became ill – would your income dry up quickly?
  2. In this situation, how would you afford to continue to pay the rent and the salaries, let alone maintain your day to day cost of living for your family
  3. If you are in partnership or have a co-Director, what would happen to the business if their financial contribution ceased and in turn what would happen to your family?
  4. What would happen if you die, is there any value in your business, would your husband, wife or partner be able to sell the business ?  or was the value really in “you” as the business. You are no longer there, so the value of the business falls

Business owners need to take the protection of their business and their family seriously. Nicholls Stevens have helped many business owners with similar problems. We will sit down with you, look at what family and business cover you may already have in place, review this  and then quantify how much cover is needed. The answers are usually reasonably simple and the cost of the cover inexpensive but  having this cover in place may save you and your family a great deal of money in the long run